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Formed in 1995 in Nottingham, England with the intention (according to bassist Doug Dalziel ) "to irritate as many people as possible" Iron Monkey ( lineup completed with guitarists Dean Berry and Jim Rushby, drummer Justin Greaves and vocalist Johnny Morrow ) managed to create music best described by some people as "the aural equivalent of an exceptionally rough night on the piss" they took stoner style riffs and glued them together with the most insane rantings this side of the local lunatic asylum. the riffs used are extremely memorable and full of rythm, the guitars have been described as sounding
"thicker than a shit milkshake" the drumming was just downright amazing, the vocals,
all though not being everyones cup of tea, fit the music perfectly, and take it to an
extra level of insanity. This was later to be described as "aggro-stoner sludgecore"
having only realeased a mini album "Iron Monkey", 1 full length album
"Our Problem" and a split E.P. with Church of Misery, Iron Monkey
split up. this was apparently due to "outside influences".

John-Paul Morrow This site is dedicated to John-Paul Morrow 1974-2002 R.I.P.